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Radiant Feminist Water Bottle

Radiant Feminist Water Bottle

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Introducing our Radiant Feminist Water Bottle - a symbol of strength, self-love, and unapologetic feminism. Adorned with empowering line drawings featuring various breast shapes and sizes, this bottle screams confidence and embraces the strength in every curve. Topped off with a silver stainless steel cap, it's the ultimate blend of style, substance, and sisterhood. Grab your Radiant Feminist Water Bottle – because every sip should be a statement, and every statement should be unapologetically you. 

⭐️One size: 20oz (0.60 l)
⭐️Double-walled stainless-steel frame with matte finish
⭐️Vacuum sealed
⭐️Silver stainless steel cap
⭐️Hand wash only to preserve design

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